John Handcock Center, Chicago, Cityscape, Graphic Design
John Handcock Center, Chicago, Cityscape, Graphic Design

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"Good Design Makes All the Difference"


We believe good graphic design and good marketing are vital to business success. A major part of a successful brand is defined by its visual communications: think Apple, Starbucks, Microsoft, Nike. These brands offer a great porduct and back it up with iconic imagry. They understand that good design makes a big difference. We make it our motto.


Good design is conceptual – a result of careful thinking and informed planning. By starting with a company's goals, we develop bold, creative ideas and then incorporate them into practical marketing strategies. It's what we believe to be the perfect marriage of art and commerce.


Customers are just humans, and human psychology tells us that all customers make their purchasing decisions emotionally, then justify them logically. Visual communications and creative ideas are how we tap into a customers emotions, triggering their buying behavior.


Because if design didn't make a difference, then everyone would be driving around in the same boring metal box on four wheels, probably black.



The Solution

Ultimately, we feel that any given project or marketing objective is essentially the search for a solution to a problem:

• How do we increase sales?

• How do we cultivate a powerful brand?

• How do we tell our customers about our product in an memorable way?


With Borsuk Design, Consider it Solved.

We accomplish this by meeting with you and discussing your company's objectives. We assess where you've been, where you are now, and where you want to be. By understanding your business, we are be able to help you get to where you need to be.




Business success is a combination of many things. Our philosophy is that if you offer a good product, then you better let others know about it in an effective and professional way. That's where Borsuk Design can help you succeed. What's your business?






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