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B  O  R  S  U  K     A  R  T


                 Contemporary.  Modern.  Art




Creating original, modern art tailored to your company or home.


Specializing in paintings on canvas such as modern abstracts for office or health care environments, and including drawings and sculpture. Our works can be seen in Cleveland restaurants, office buildings, law offices, and homes and at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.


Art Phylosophy:

Abstract art is timeless. The tools of the artist become the subject matter: the color, the strokes, the texture all work together and communicate an artistic expression.


Instead of a landscape or still-life, the medium creates its own composition. The expression of the artist, using his unique skills, becomes the work of art.




Contact us today and  commission original art for your business or home.


• Paintings

• Pop Art

• Sculpture

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For Rock n Roll Hall, Private Collection
Copper Sheet on Canvas
Corporate Collection
Law Firm Collection
Area Restaurant
Private Collection
Alzheimer's Foundation
Private Collection
For Ginko Sushi, Tremont
Photo: Baked NC Asphalt




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