Golden Gate Bridge, Obey, Shepard Fairey, San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge, Obey, Shepard Fairey, San Francisco

b o r s u k  d e s i g n


                      B E C A U S E   G O O D   D E S I G N   M A K E S   A   B I G   D I F F E R E N C E





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Borsuk Design – A Bold, Visual Communications Firm


Rooted in Northern Ohio, we are experts in graphic design and marketing. With well over 10 years experience we have earned a solid reputation for providing creative solutions to top, forward-looking corporations, businesses and professional organizations like no one else.


Borsuk Design also works with small business & start-up companies on their marketing efforts to increase sales. We develope logos, build a distinctive brand, and create a professional visual image. See our Clients for companies who have invested in and trusted our creative direction.


Higher Education

Our firm knows higher education. We work with colleges and universities on their recruitment and admissions materials. We specialize in alumni and event materials, academic programs, book design, athletics, marketing and advertising. This is a unique niche of ours and we can apply our proficiency to your institution. What's your school?




What We Do


Graphic design is where art meets business, and they walk hand-in-hand into the sunset.


Specializing in high-end Graphic Design, we provide professional creative services in marketing, corporate communications, logo & brand development and higher education. Additionally event promotion, trade show materials, illustration and sinage. See Services for more.


When you invest with Borsuk Design – you get a top-notch creative experience expressed by an amazing product, personal service and great value.


Cleveland, Akron, Columbus

Working with Northern Ohio – We are your smart alternative to larger, more expensive agencies.




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[ The Bridge – The Branding Image of Borsuk Design ]


A picture says a thousand words. The bridge represents the creative connection between Borsuk Design and its clients, as well as the connection we build between you and your customers.


San Fran is renowned for its creativity. The sign in front of the bridge is an on-site road sign not seen in tourism photos. With its stickers and street art, the ordinary signpost has been transformed into collaborative public art – created by anonymous, left uncensored by authorities for all to veiw. Symbolic of freedom, an open-air exhibit.


Taken by the artist, the photo illustrates the owner's passion of travel; a bridge between the north coast and the west coast.



Website Photography:

Photography is original, taken by the artist and themed around some of America's most creative and art-enriched cities including San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Miami and Cleveland.


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