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A  B O L D  V I S U A L  C O M M U N I C A T I O N S  F I R M


Rooted in Cleveland Ohio, we are experts in Graphic Design & Marketing.


With over 15 years of experience and a solid reputation for providing creative solutions, we help top area corporations and small companies  like no one else. We work with small business & start-ups on their marketing to increase sales and visibility. We develop logos, build brands, and create maximum visual impact. See our Clients for companies who have invested in and trusted our creative direction.


Higher Education - Our Unique Niche

Our firm knows higher education well. We work with colleges and universities on their recruitment and admissions materials. We specialize in alumni and event materials, academic programs, book design, athletics, fundraising, marketing and advertising. This is a unique specialty of ours and we want to apply our proficiency to your acedemic institution. What's your school?



What We Do

Graphic design is where art meets business to create a professional company image.


Specializing in high-end Graphic Design for print and web, we provide professional creative services in marketing, corporate communications, brand development and higher education. We coordinate with professional printers, paper companies, writers and photographers to develop a comprehensive visual identity that positions you as a leader in your profession.


Cleveland, Akron, Columbus

When you invest with Borsuk Design, you get a premier creative experience expressed by an amazing product, personal service and great value. Because we are lean and mean, Borsuk Design is your smart alternative to larger, more expensive agencies.



Photography is by Borsuk Design, featuring some of America's creative and design-focused cities like Cleveland, New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Miami.


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