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New Businesses
Branding within Companies



We specialize in Logos and Brand Developement – the visual identity of new or existing businesses.


If you're a new business, we will deisgn a logo from scratch or develop it based on your personal vision of what you'd like to see for your new and exciting venture.


Logo Re-Design

If you're an existing company and want to update or refresh your current logo, we're your guy! We can improve your logo to reflect the new direction in which you and your company are going. We can update it, make it more contemporary or just improve it for the new web or social medias as they continue to grow.



• Logo mark

• Logo type

• Graphic Identity

• Brand colors

• Fonts

• Tag lines & Slogans



• Letterhead

• Envelope

• Business card

• Sales folder

• Thank you card

• Newsletter

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